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According to the American Marketing Association, a brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. How do you create a brand? Companies use different tools to create and shape a brand. Branding can be achieved through:

  • Brand definition: purpose, values, promise

  • Brand identity: name, tone of voice, visual identity design (which includes the logo design, color palette, typographies…)

  • Advertising and communications: TV, radio, magazines, outdoor ads, website, mobile apps…

  • Sponsoring and partnerships

  • Product and packaging design

  • Customer service

  • Pricing strategy

AAHC - African American Heritage & Culture 

The client shared the vision and goals of a start-up organization in New Bern, NC. Gayleforce worked with the executive director to develop and achieve a comprehensive package, including a website, postcards, letterhead, envelopes, letterhead, press releases, and more. This was a total branding campaign. 

Our Shared Vision:

The African American Heritage and Cultural Center of New Bern will be a dynamic center which actively presents the historical impact and progression African-American heritage and culture in Eastern NC.


Our Goals:

Collaborate with local, regional and state organizations and individuals to present a broad spectrum of the African-American experience in Eastern North Carolina.  This will include creating an oral history library and presenting creative performances, seminars and lectures, exhibitions of artwork including murals, artifacts and personal collections with food and live art events.

final postcard.jpg
final postcard2.jpg
Michaele Rose Watson - artist in stained-glass and clay
Branding Board for Michaele.jpg

Window signage on store front

window signage 36x20 w qrcode-01.jpg
turquoise studio M 24 round signage-01.j

Michaele Rose Watson is an incredibly talented stained glass and clay artist with a studio located in downtown New Bern. She originally had two websites - one for stained glass and one for clay. We decided to combine the two websites and promote her name as her branding point. 

Gayleforce created a new logo, website, business cards, website videos, and exterior signage. Gayleforce worked with Michaele and her client, CarolinaEast Medical Center announce her latest commission. 

Michaele Rose Watson awarded the commission for stained-glass window and doors at new CarolinaEast Cancer Center Chapel

Business Cards

Michaele BC final2.jpg
Michaele BC final.jpg

Press Releases

Michaele chapel stained glass.jpg
Michaele 1.png
Just for fun! 
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