“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be functional.”― Cameron Moll




Gayleforce Design is a graphic design and marketing firm located in New Bern, North Carolina, that offers a wide variety of services to meet clients’ communication needs.


In the graphic design field since 1982, Gayleforce transfers business objectives into graphic concepts.

I help clients realize the full potential of their products and assist them in reaching their goals. I am always accessible and foster long-lasting partnerships with my clients. Gayleforce strives to deliver marketing collateral with impact. And let’s face it, in the business world, good appearance counts. Together, we can create a look that's right for your business.


Call today: 252-349-4996 or email: gayle@gayleforce1.com


Gayleforce Design started back in the day when we speced type for the typesetter, cut amberlith and used a darkroom for imaging. Those days are long gone with the advent of computer graphics, thank goodness! But the basic theories of good design remain the same.

  1. Alignment - creates a sharper more unified design

  2. Repetition - strengthens a design by tying together otherwise separate parts, and creates consistency

  3. Contrast - create emphasis and impact when two elements are total opposites

  4. Hierarchy - creates organization: heading, intro text, subheadings and body copy. All of which work together to lead the viewer through the information

  5. Balance - provides stability and structure to a design

Gayleforce keeps the traditional elements of design and applies them to today’s vibrant marketplace.


University of South Carolina – 2 years, marketing

Bachelor of Art from West Chester University, West Chester, PA

OJT: On the job training is essential to keep current with fast-paced website, advertising business. I attend classes and seminars where I can, consult with colleagues, learn from Adobe info videos and YouTube!

  • WIX: products, features, apps

  • Adobe products: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Spark

  • SEO/Google analytics

  • Microsoft products: Excel, WORD, PowerPoint

  • ZOOM



Even though COVID has locked down most of the world, business is still moving forward! For marketers, this means rethinking how to connect with consumers. A stronger emphasis on e-commerce and digital channels is crucial as folks understand the new normal. More people are selling and promoting their business online. Take time to update your business today! 

The biggest graphic design trends of 2020 are:

  • Muted Color Palettes.

  • Color Gradients.

  • Abstract & Dreamy Illustrations.

  • Heavy Simple Fonts.

  • Flowing Lines & Shapes.

  • Genuine & Authentic Stock Photos.

  • Minimalist Landing Pages.

  • Better Branded Animations.

Phone: 252-349-4996
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Email: gayle@gayleforce1.com

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