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Hi! I'm Gayle with Gayleforce Design. Gayleforce Design is a full-service design studio. Gayleforce is here to assist with all your website, media, and business design needs.


Gayleforce Design is a graphic design and marketing firm located in New Bern, North Carolina, but can serve the world! We offer a wide variety of services to meet clients’ communication needs.


In the graphic design field since 1982, Gayleforce transfers business objectives into graphic concepts.

  • Website Design - Your website should include everything about your company. 

  • Print Design - Print remains a powerful and essential medium.

  • Social Media - Social Media increase referral traffic, build brand awareness, and geo-targets your audience.

  • Logo Design - Your logo is the first thing potential client see. That is what sets you apart. 

  • Advertising -  Advertising is used to educate, motivate and increase sales.

  • Branding - Branding is the perception people have of your company. 

Gayleforce Design helps clients realize the full potential of their products or services and assist them in reaching their goals. We are always accessible and foster long-lasting partnerships with clients. Gayleforce strives to deliver marketing collateral with impact. And let’s face it, in the business world, good appearance counts. Together, we can create a look that's right for your business.

People During Workshop
Carrier Gallagher,
Executive Director,
African American Heritage & Culture Center

As the Executive Director of the African American Heritage & Culture Center, I worked with Gayle to develop AAHC's brand, create style guides for collateral material, and develop a dynamic and user-friendly website.  Gayle interpreted our needs and effectively used the technology to present AAHC's mission, the passion of our leadership, and the programs and projects of our organization.  With her personal research into our issues, Gayle contributed valuable content and guidance.  We continue to engage Gayle as we expand our website and reach out to our supporters and stakeholders throughout Eastern North Carolina. I highly recommend Gayle to my colleagues in the nonprofit world and to those who are responsible for corporate or small business communication and branding.  Gayle Albertini is a strong marketing and communications professional. 

Angelina Hardy,
Executive Director
New Bern Civic Theatre

Gayleforce Design has been an integral part of New Bern Civic Theatre’s success over the years due to excellence in marketing, graphic design, and publicity.   Having worked closely with Gayle Albertini for the past 15 years I too, have personally grown and owe my success to her support, insight, education, and enduring passion to create successful marketing strategy of our organization.  As a performing arts organization, we rely on creative and stellar designs to compliment the work we do for the community through our productions and special events.  Gayle is not just an artist and professional, she guides you through every process so you can make the best possible decisions for promoting your company.  She keeps up with the latest trends and technology to ensure quality and efficiency without breaking your budget and works with you every step of the way.  She invests her time and thought into your company as if it were her own so you feel confident that you are in good hands.

Michaele Rose Watson,
Artist in Stained-Glass and Clay

Gayle at Gayleforce is one of the best web designers I have worked with in a while. Gayle took the time to explain terms like, interactive content, analytics, digital platforms, and algorithms, how they work and why they are important. And who knew I needed a Favicon? I was extremely unfamiliar with all these terms Gayle patiently and clearly helped me understand and brought me into the 21st century of digital marketing by creating the most amazing website and web presence for my art business. Gayle created content and quotes to support exactly what I want my patrons to know and what I can do for them. Gayle is creative, innovative, and full of fresh ideas, I love my website, love my new branding. Most importantly I and very happy my greater audience is finding me through my website and because of this I will be working with Gayleforce more in the future.

Bob Dumon, photographer,
past president,
Fairfield Harbour Property Owners Association

Sometimes in business you are lucky enough to work with a really talented and creative professional, but if you’re REALLY lucky that same professional is also a wonderful person as well.  Gayle Albertini is that person.  Gayle is a genius graphic artist, she’s a joy to work with, meets her commitments, and while she knows and has worked with hundreds of people, I can’t imagine any of them who would ever have a bad word to say about her.  Obviously, I HIGHLY recommend her!!!



Even though COVID has locked down most of the world, business is still moving forward! For marketers, this means rethinking how to connect with consumers. A stronger emphasis on e-commerce and digital channels is crucial as folks understand the new normal. More people are selling and promoting their business online. Take time to update your business today! 

The biggest graphic design trends of 2020 are:

  • Muted Color Palettes.

  • Color Gradients.

  • Abstract & Dreamy Illustrations.

  • Heavy Simple Fonts.

  • Flowing Lines & Shapes.

  • Genuine & Authentic Stock Photos.

  • Minimalist Landing Pages.

  • Better Branded Animations.

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