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7 Website Design Trends for 2021

If we had a crystal ball and could see what 2021 website design trends will be, we would be so reassured when making decisions. But with 2020 being the cantankerous year it was, design trends will most likely take a sharp turn. Here are some of the predicted trends. Let's check end of 2021 and see what really happened. My best advise is the stay true to your audience appeal and focus on what the demographics say about your customers.

1. Typography Design Trends

Elegant Serif Fonts

While san serif typefaces have dominated website the last few decades, serifs are becoming more popular. Larger screens enable serif fonts to appear less cluttered and more readable.

San Serifs still rocks! The minimalist trend in website design is a reliable method to keep folks on your site for the basic info. San Serif type exemplifies easy to navigate websites.

2. Modern Minimalism: Simple Web Design Inspiration

There are no flashy features to distract visitors from finding more information or booking an appointment, and it’s easy for users to find relevant information on a minimalist website.

Use Hamburger Navigation - Hamburger navigation refers to those three lines usually in the top right corner of a site which symbolize a menu. It looks kind of like a burger. Primarily used on mobile website, it now takes center stage across all platforms.

3. Color Design Trends

Light Colors. The soothing effect of light colors encourages users to stay on the page longer, enjoying the color palette tranquility and warmth.

However, all bets are off for 2021 official color trends! We are seeing what you decide fits your brand. Vibrant color, clean and traditional, modern and edgy. Set your color palette based on your audience appeal.

4. Asymmetric layouts

For many years, websites have been built on a grid and screamed symmetry. Asymmetry is an opportunity to change traditions and move to individuality, shaky energy and just fun.

5. Videos as design elements

If you have promotional videos or interviews are a great way to engage your audience by communicating information with an energetic flare.

6. Animation

Animation has been a popular feature of web design and it’s here to stay. The possibilities of web design animation keeps getting better.

Animation turns the user experience into much more than just scrolling for information. From an animated line or text to a full-fledged animated background, these effects can work on your website to catch the eye of a visitor and make a striking impression.

7. Scroll effects

Since the emergence of parallax scrolling in 2011, we’ve realized just how much interactive value a riveting scroll effect can add to a website. Fast forward to one decade later, and we’re still expanding on the capabilities of this subtle art in order to give visitors a fun and sleek browsing experience.

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